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Back on the comfort food thread...sausages! MMMMM theres something about sausages that just oozes comfort especially when served on a dollop of creamy mashed potato.
There are, however, some terrible sausages on sale, full of fat unmentionable bits of meat and rusk filler. I buy mine exclusively from Taylors Farm Shop where they have a variety of quality sausages on sale including todays choice Pork and Apple.
Taylors Farm is a family run farm and farm shop where you can depend on quality of both product and service. All the staff, are lovely and happy to help with any quiries you may have and no matter how busy...and it can get very busy...always serve with a smile. I visit once every couple of weeks to fill up the freezer with my meat supplies. I have become frustrated with the hit and miss quality of supermarket meat and prepared to go the extra mile for quality and service.
So the sausages?...the afore mentioned pork and apple that will grace our table today, a very tasty pork and onion, pork and leek, tomato, a spicy one, a cumberland ring, and a low fat one that doubles up as a Gluten Free one too. Add to that a very tasty sausage swirl (sausage meat, herbs and onion in puff pastry) delicious with piccalli. and you have all you need for endless variety. I'm sure there are more but these I have tasted and like enough for them to find room in my freezer.
I would recommend a visist to Taylors Farm, its busy, vibrant and on Saturdays there's often a hot snack or two on sale to wet the appetite while you wait.
Taylors Farm
Hall La, Lathom, Ormskirk L40 5UW
01704 893267

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