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Sprouts: Day 1

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A memory
my longer with us alas...had a way with vegetables! Her particular speciality was the immersed in copious amounts of boiling water for in excess of 30 minutes, sometimes as much as 45 minutes. Cooking was not her strong point. Her cauliflower could be spread on bread and it was often difficult to even tell what vegetable you were eating.
Her sprouts? well you really couldnt tell where one ended and the next began...enough to put anyone off. So how many people declare a dislike of these little packages of flavour simply because they have never had one that isnt boiled to death.
So DAY 1 is boiling, but steaming is better. I like this simple treatment, you can taste the flavour, steamed until they are just tender with the addition of a knob of butter if I feel indulgent....yum!

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