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Bonfire Hotpot
Haven't done our annual hot pot night for a few years for one reason or another. Back on track now though...caught up with friends not seen for a month or two or more. Life is so hectic at the moment that socialising has moved down the list of priorities. We had a good night last night though. Made an enormous pan of hot pot...lamb from taylors farm and veggies from Windy Arbour Farm and sausages of course!
Hot pot was demolished!
the recipe is a simple one...
Diced lamb
Wholegrain mustard, red currant jelly, lamb seasoning, white pepper, salt.
and water
Saute the leeks and lamb, add all the seasoning ingredients and water. Bring to the boil  and simmer until meat is tender. Add the potatoes and carrots and cook until veg is soft. Adjust seasoning.....simple!!
on the subject of sprouts...I missed a day!!! busy cooking.
An alternative to the plain old boiled or steamed brussel is to part cook them until they are just tender. Plunge into cold water and when cool cut in half length wise. Fry some finely diced onion and pancetta (use bacon if you have non) in a large knob of butter, toss in the sprouts and saute for a minute or two. The saltiness of the bacon compliments the sprouts perfectly.

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