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chinese please!

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The other half is known for his adventurous nature when it comes to food...frogs legs...snails, no problem, but if you had seen his face when reading the menu at Seven Days chinese restaurant in Cambridge it said 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'

We were attracted to this particular restaurant because it was busy and full of Chinese people and not just serving.We seldom see Chinese people eating in our prefered oriental eatery at home so thought great it must be relatively authentic. we weren't wrong!

The menu was...lets say...interesting. Bulls tendons, pigs intestines, black fungus, every possible animal part stir fried, steamed, doused in stock or braised! Now we are not the type of people who hand menus back and leave...there is always something on there we can try and if it is a disaster there is always a bag of chips on the way home. We did find something. He had beef in blackbean...very tame! and I found a prawn, scallop and asparagus dish that was delicious, the sauce described as KO was a little strange, I couldn't identify some of the ingredients and decided (wisely I think) not to ask what the mystery ingredients were. Best not to know. It was lovely though and if you can get past the strangeness of the dishes on offer give it a try when next in Cambridge.

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