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Bon fire hot pot

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Our family has made bon fire night it's annual traditional get together and have been serving the same hot pot every year and should I even contemplate a change of menu dissent ensues, the recipe has been passed around family and friends. I have had the same 'can I have the recipe' requests this year so I'm putting it here for convenience and prosperity!

Quantities dont matter that much just do as you please but some of the ingredients are a must


Diced lamb....brown it in batches in a frying pan or wok and add to large pan.

Sliced leeks....add to meat in large pan.

Sliced carrots...I like to keep the chunky....add to pan.

Couple of beef oxos depending on the size of the pan.

Cover the lot with water aand bring to a boil

Add half the quanity of peeled potatoes you think you need (this is an important bit as are the following seasonings)

Good spoon of whole grain mustard, another of redcurrant jelly, seasoning for lamb(or rosemary and thyme), white pepper, salt and a dash of wostershire sauce. Increase quantities for bigger pans!

Cook until the potatoes are about half done and then add the remaining potatoes. The half cooked pots will the thicken the hot pot.

I find cooking on day before it's needed works best as the flavours develop nicely.


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