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  1. A sad thing happened this week. I was delivering a cooking session with some primary school children aged between 5 and 8. I asked them if they cooked at home. I usually get a few who say yes they cook... most often with their grandmother, but this week was different. One little girl assured me she did lots of cooking as it was her favourite DS game. Now being of a certain age and never having handled a DS I had her explain. Most of you I am sure will know that there is no 'cooking' involved. I thought maybe that this game was a recipe and instruction thing that you use along with bowls, spoons and yes even food! But alas not!
    so what looks like more fun?
                                                 This ds
    or this


  2. You know those insipid budget price tomatoes that are tasteless and horrible in salads? Well I ended up with a couple of plastic wrapped punnets due to a session cancellation. They had been ear marked for roasted tomato soup but we have had a lot of that lately so what to do with them?
    Well I had spent some of my christmas book token on this

    gift book

    so tried this
    dried tom page
    Oh wow!
    What a for tea we had a salad of new potatoes, egg and crispy bacon with a handful of these thrown in for flavour.
    The book is great with lots of recipes to try even if you dont want to gift them.


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