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    A quick and easy meal for mid week was planned...popped some part boiled potaoes in the roasting tin that I had left on the work top, already had a little bit of oil in it. Threw them in the oven accompanied by lovely meaty sausages from Taylors Farm veg in the steamer...and it was time for me to let it happen and get on with some other stuff.

    Whilst busy with the other stuff kept getting a soap whiff from the kitchen, put it down to residue on the cooker top, but alas no! Dished up, topped it all off with a pool of hot tasty gravy and hey presto quick and easy mid week roast...or maybe not..first bite of beautifully crisped potato resulted in mouth full of soapy spud...arrggghhhhh.

    Seems other half had begun to wash the roaster but got distracted, he'd squirted in the washing up liquid but didnt get any further, then I come along and throw the spuds in.

    Oh well a waste but the fried eggs on toast were very tasty!!

  2. I have been dabbling in social media as a marketing tool for a while without really knowing what I'm doing..until today that is! Spent the day with Lee at and know feel a little more confident. So I am planning to embrace Twitter and Facebook and use them. You can find my Facebook page here!/pages/Food-Positive/197122710299399 and twitter here!/FoodPositive so no reason not to keep up to date with whats happening at Food Positive.

    Things are very exciting at the moment...looking for premises for the training kitchen, think I have found something but still waiting to hear from agent, lots of prjects planned so watch this space.



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