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  1. Well just got home from this months bread course.....shattered!! It's been a long day but good fun. Another lovely bunch of people coming together to learn a new skill.


    Today we made a collosal amount of bread ... 1 loaf, 1 plait, 1 soda bread, 1 focaccia, pizza bases,  pitta breads, 1 brioche loaf and a couple of hotcross buns...I think that's it!


    You just cant beat the smell of baking bread....todays top tips as ever

    1. knead, knead and knead again... you cant over knead so when you think you've done enough give it another 5 minutes.
    2. The flour always takes more water than you will be very wet and sticky but as you knead it will firm up.
    3. Oil your cling film!!!

    Have fun baking !!


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