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  1. Hello!

    It's been quiet here on the FP blog, mainly because we have been so busy with our new venture. The FP bistro opened 4 weeks ago, situated in the community zone in Plattbridge where we aim to bring our approach to healthy eating to the lunch time market.

    It took some sorting but with a little help from family and friends painting and furniture building we now have what we think is a pleasant place to pop in for meetings (free wifi), enjoy some lunch or pick up something to go.

    bistro 1       bistro 2

    There's lots to choose from, from breakfast porridge and the inevitable bacon barm to our special paninis, wraps and salads. We have veggie, dairy free and gluten free options, all our sandwich fillings are freshly made as are our cakes.

    What has surprised us is the popularity of some of the might expect bacon barms to be our best seller situated as we are in the middle of a housing estate in Plattbridge, but no, so far top of the lunch chart is our veggie platter a selection of hummus, feta, roasted peppers, olives, falafal and salad served with a toasted pitta.

    So come over to Plattbridge and join us for breakfast or'll be surprised! But before you come pop over to facebook and like our page or follow our dedicated twitter account for all the latest daily specials.



  2. I am not concerned that I may inadvertently eaten horse meat when eating out of the home, I am not concerned that horse meat has sneaked its way into the food chain, I eat cow, sheep and pig, the occasional goat and a myriad of sea creatures so why should I worry about eating horse. If we remove the vetinary drugs that may of hitched a ride in the horse from the equation why the fuss?

    there is a trading standards issue of course, if I sell someone a bread course they don't want to come and find they are making cake but in general I do believe that the horse meat scandal of 2013 will do the nation a favour and hi light the poor quality of food on sale and the reliance of many on food made in a factory rather than a kitchen.


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